Our Vision

We believe that knowledge is central to confronting discrimination. We are committed to amplifying LGBT voices, stories, and experiences. We envision communities in which people of diverse identities are heard and can fully and equally participate in all dimensions of social living.

Our Mission

The Equality Research Center works to advance social justice by confronting inequality based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. The Center makes credible information accessible to policy makers, advocates, service providers, educators, and communities through public information, education, and awareness.


The Equality Research Center was created in 2010 as a direct response to the planned gift from alumnus and former Regent Dr. Timothy Dyer. His gift enabled the establishment of the Dr. Timothy J. Dyer Distinguished Interdisciplinary Chair in Forensics/Debate and Human Rights. As part of the gift, the Chair position was established to lead the creation of the Center at EMU. The Center is supported by the John and Genevieve Dyer Educational Foudation, the Eastern Michigan University Department of Communiation, Media, and Theatre Arts and the EMU College of Arts and Sciences.


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